Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bucket list

So i have this amazing friend of mine who just has like a million things she wants to do. she writes them down and prayerfully pursues them.i guess i,m going to try and do the same. i haven,t really started living my dream. i have a dream, i have dreams....i want to write books, i want to fall so helplessly in love, i want to sing in a choir. i want....i want iwant. so here goes my list

1. fall so deeply in love/ find my best friend
2.sing in a choir
3. write for a fashion magazine
4. appear in a magazine, cover would be awesome
5. appear on a billboard
6. learn about photography
7.design an outfit
8. host a radio/TV show
9. teach my younger siblings about God
10. live on my own
11. bungee jumping
12. surfing
13.write many many books
14. travel to Australia
15. meet Bebo Norman
i guess that is enough for now, i will dream up more later