Friday, July 27, 2012

Of words and feelings

Two days ago, I was called for an interview for a job I didn't even know about. A friend of mine knew someone who works for a recruitment agency and they happened to be looking for someone. My dear friend happened to know I had time on my hands and no money in my pocket,so why not? It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life; a whirlwind of events no doubt but amazing still.

I was not academically qualified for the position but still had the skill set required to execute from the numerous things I'd done before in life. To hear from a group of total strangers that I am a very good candidate and that my resume was underselling me compared to what was before them sent my esteem soaring, okay dancing. These people didn't even know me and here they were offering me help to edit my resume so that I do myself justice! wow!!!! Of course not to mention that one of them had this amazing accent, words just seemed to roll off his tongue. So I have spent two days being told that I am very impressive and really good and people want to hire me so much they are almost inventing positions. This week has been awesome.

I happened to mention to a certain someone how I had been complimented that I had excellent communication skills and this person without consciously meaning to but subconsciously meaning to in no parables told me there was no way that was true. Hmmmm.....I had clearly stated that my best part about these interviews is they made me feel so good about myself because apparently people saw something in me that they greatly appreciated. This person didn't drop the subject,even on day two which is today, mentioning that excellent shouldn't be used to describe me.

I don't believe in working for everything; I believe in receiving what I've been given. I believe in the Grace of God. I believe in the favour of God which has me surrounded like a hedge. So what if I don't have formal working experience? So what if practically all the typing I know is self taught? So what if I am not the best at something? I will not nullify the grace of God upon my life just because the world says I ought to have worked for this.

 Anyway, I didn't get the job. I lacked experience and there was another candidate who didn't and they wanted someone who would hit the ground running. That is ok; the experience was amazing. The HR firm recommended me as their number one, that is not something I will forget. The client asked that my records be kept on file because there are few positions that might come up and they loved me. Even if they don't, they saw something in me that I did not go to school for. They saw something in me that obviously God showed them.Nothing can take that away.
I am an excellent communicator! :)