Thursday, October 18, 2012

That girl

There is a picture in my head; actually a video, a movie; it could even be a blockbuster. The stories are diverse and no one day is the same but one thing remains. It is the story of a girl. It is the story of a girl who met Delilah's brother, let's call him Delyon. He was the perfect seducer? I rarely here that word used refering to men so I'm not even sure what to call Delyon.

He was sweeter than honey when they had just met, sweeter than chocolate fudge cake. He said the right things in all the right proportions.

"How did he know to ask that?" She would often wonder.
She was also amazed at how freely and honestly she talked to him, revealing very private, very intimate details. I saw all this happening, It had happened to me before and I tried to tell her but she would not listen. I had to be tactical but there was no time to perfect my approach, Delyon was closing in,fast. Never tell a girl about a dude she fancies.

"You just don't understand." She openly told me. " There is something here. Something different. I have not felt like this know who" she continued, referring to the ex boyfriend we were not allowed to discuss. How do you tell someone something they know about fully well. It was hard to argue with her. She had just had a rough year,her heart was a mess. That is exactly why I wanted her to stay away from him; he had had a tough life, everything was a mess. She wanted to be healed and held for life. He wanted to feel good for a while. He never hid it though, I guess he must have been human at some point. Still she stayed and hoped a while would feel so good he would want always.

It seems like such a cliche; and she is probably becoming a statistic but she gave him a place in her heart. At night she sits in the dark, alone with nature and communes with the stars. She thinks of him and even sighs his name. She howls at the darkness in anguish just so that so she has none left for him. He must never see how much he means, he must never know that she thinks of him in any way different from how he thinks of her. She fights hard to stop fighting the thought of him,she just wants to wake up and stop. Wake up and stop! Wake up and stop.

But thisis not a dream. She stares at him as he talks her through something she always swore against. "When and how did I become this girl?" she wonders,lying next to him, fingers interlocked at 3am in the morning.